The Survival Summary

By gigaJack

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I am currently watching Jeremiah. Of course it is not a survival manual to live by but it is mildly entertainingly. I have found that if movies and shows have a survival theme they will hold my attention even if it falls short of real life survivalism!


  • Minnesota
  • 1,800 square feet, 1/4 acre lot, suburbs


Bug Out Location

  • Parents double wide manufactured home/cabin in Wisconsin; we plan to shelter in place unless we really need to leave. They don’t have any land for gardening and the neighbors are within 50 feet.
    • We have three ways to cross into Wisconsin then there are many paths to the location.
  • TODO (later): look into $20k~ worth of land but we want to pay cash for it.

Everyday Carry

Home Security


Bug Out Bags & Get Home Bag


Energy & Heat

Other Items



Bug Out Checklist

Click here for a Microsoft Word Document template
Have to leave now

  • Shoes & Socks – put on
  • Blankets  – have girls get their blankets and hold on to them
  • Every Day Carry – put on or grab
    • Purse
    • Wallet
    • Weapons
    • Ammunition
    • Phones
    • Flashlights
    • Multi tool
    • Knife
    • Cash
    • Keys
  • Dog 1 – shake treats, put on pinch color & short leash, put in truck
  • Dog 2 – shake treats, put in kennel, put in truck
  • Cat – open can of tuna, put in kennel, put in truck
  • Frogs – bring downstairs, tape lid, put in center counsel in truck
  • Winter clothing – if needing put on
  • Bug out bags – in back closet, put in truck
  • 5 gallon water container – in back closet, put in truck
  • Sleeping bags – in back closet, put in truck
  • Totes – in back closet, put in truck
  • Arm system , lock house, everyone in truck, check for all, Dad, Mom, Child 1, Child 2, Dog 1, Dog 2, Cat & Frogs
  • Leave – leave the area, figure a safe location

We have at least 30 minutes to leave

  • Shoes & Socks – put on
  • Blankets  – have girls get their blankets and put into go bags
  • Every Day Carry – put on or grab
    • Purse
    • Wallet
    • Weapons
    • Ammunition
    • Phones
    • Flashlights
    • Multi tool
    • Knife
    • Cash
    • Keys
  • Dog 1 – shake treats, put on pinch color & short leash, put in truck
  • Dog 2 – shake treats, put in kennel, put in truck
  • Cat – open can cat food, put in kennel, put in truck
  • Frogs – bring downstairs, tape lid, grab food, put in center counsel in truck
  • Winter clothing – if needing put on
  • Bug out bags – in back closet, put in truck
  • 5 gallon water container – in back closet, put in truck
  • Sleeping bags – in back closet, put in truck
  • Totes – in back closet, put in truck
  • Truck third row seat – open garage door, take out seats, put on side of house
  • Turn trucks around, close garage door
  • Close shades, Child 2 watch out front window, Child 1 watch cameras on TV or phone
  • Dad
    • Green bag on gun safe, (vest, guns, family records, money & coins), put in truck
    • Ammo boxes, put in truck
    • Check on kids, help Mom
  • Mom
    • Clothes, 3 days for each family member, put in laundry basket, put in tote, put in truck
    • Check on kids, help Dad
  • 1 Medical supplies, put in tote, put in truck
  • 1 Cat food, 1 dog food, put in truck
  • Mountain house #10 cans, grab boxes, put in truck
  • Berkey filter, put in truck
  • 1 Sugar, put in truck
  • 1 Salt flat, put in truck
  • Powder egg, put in truck
  • Powder milk, put in truck
  • Canned cheese, put in truck
  • Canned butter, put in truck
  • 2 Walkie Talkie & charging station, put in camouflage bag
  • Camouflage bag, put in truck
  • Cast iron pot, grab medium, put in truck
  • Cat litter & pan, dump litter from pan, grab litter, put in truck
  • Coat, boots, hats, pants, gloves, put in totes, put in truck
  • 1 Battery backup & solar panel, put in truck
  • Other foods (ravioli, canned meat, fruit, snacks, breakfast cereal, Crisco), put in truck
  • LDS, beans & rice #10 cans, put in truck
  • Tools (hand tools, machete with sheath, bolt cutter, saw, tarp, shovel), put in truck
  • Seed starting pots, put in truck
  • Fertilizer, put in truck
  • Generator, put in truck
  • Jerry gas cans, put in truck
  • 1 Backup battery, put in truck
  • 1 Medical Supplies, put in tote
  • 12v lamps & bulbs, put in truck
  • Grain mill, put in truck
  • Wheat #10 cans
  • Laptop & power cord, put in truck
  • Duct tape, put in truck
  • Iron water pump, put in truck
  • Canning Supplies, put in totes, put in truck
  • Ipods & charger, put in pocket
  • Arm system , lock house, everyone in truck, check for all, Dad, Mom, Child 1, Child 2, Dog 1, Dog 2, Cat & Frogs
  • Leave – leave the area, figure a safe location


  • Making Bread – Beginner
    • Have ground our own wheat and made around 25 loaves of bread so far.
  • Gardening – Intermediate
  • Chemical Toilets – TODO: No Skills
  • Ham Radio – TODO: No Skills
  • Hand Guns – Intermediate
    • Can keep it in the kill zone.
  • Tactical Response – Beginner/Intermediate
    • TODO: planning on taking some courses. I have watched 5 DVDs on the subject.
    • I am in “Code Yellow” 95% of the time.
  • Fire Starting – Intermediate
    • I know tons of way to make fire and tried a few of them.
    • I know how to make fires for cooking, warmth and longevity.
  • Navigation – Beginner
    • I know how to use my GPS ;-).
    • I have a compass but no topographical maps. They wouldn’t help out much without the knowledge.
    • I have 2 copies of maps in our trucks. We have an extra one in case we have to leave notice of where we are.
  • Hunting
    • Rifle – Beginner
      • I can shoot but have never hunted
    • Shotgun – Beginner
      • I can shoot but have never hunted
    • Bow & Arrow – Beginner
      • I have shot before and am pretty accurate but have never hunted
    • Sling Shot – Intermediate
      • I have taken animals before
    • Pellet Gun – Intermediate
      • I have taken animals before
    • Snare Traps – Intermediate
      • I have made them before but never used them
    • Dead Falls – Beginner
      • Read about them and watched them be made on the TV. I think I could set them up if I had my books with me.
  • Hand to Hand Fighting – Intermediate
    • Karate 2 years
    • Boxing 6 moths
    • Mixed Martial Arts 6 months
    • In high school I could wrestle some of the heavy weights and hold my own. I never wrestled on the team but the coach would bug me every time he saw me.
  • Knife Fighting – Beginner
    • Watched DVDs on the subject
  • Knife Sharping – Intermediate
    • I know how to sharpen everything I own. Knives, gardening tools and axes.
  • Mechanical – Intermediate
    • I have worked on my vehicles since the age of 16.
  • Carpentry – Intermediate
    • I have built sheds, playhouses and interior rooms before.
  • Plumbing – Intermediate
  • Rappelling – TODO: No Skills
  • Medical – Intermediate
    • I have some knowledge beyond basic first aid
  • Electrical – Intermediate
    • I know and understand home electrical systems, solar and batteries
  • Reloading – TODO: No Skills
  • Computers Hardware & Software – Expert
    • I have been programming computers over a decade
  • Blacksmith – Beginner
    • I understand the principals and I have read and watched about it done but have never done it.
  • Seamstress – Beginner
    • Could do it if I had to.
  • Dog Trainer – Intermediate
    • Worked for a company that raised pure bread German Shepherd’s. Trained my own as personal protection dog.
  • 4×4 Off Road Driving – Beginner
    • I have read, watched and practiced on this topic. There is more to it than one would think.
  • Lumber Jacking – Beginner
    • Done enough to fall a tree and cut up for firewood.
  • Food Preserving
    • Canning – Beginner
      • Need more practice at this. We were only able to do a few jars last fall. Overcooked them.
    • Drying – Beginner
      • Understand the principals and know how to make a solar oven/dehydrator
      • Want to start with a dehydrator
    • Salting – TODO: No Skills
    • Root Cellar – Beginner
      • We have a cold area in our basement.
  • Candle Making – Beginner
    • Seen it done on YouTube
  • Raising Animals – Beginner
    • Read tons about it. Could do chicken or rabbits if needed
  • Dentist – Beginner
    • Have a book on it
  • Water Purification – Intermediate
    • I know and used a few different methods
  1. headhunter says:

    Don’t know if the video that sent me here was yyours or not . If it was,and you’re having rodent ptoblems, we were too until we (old farm house) spread Bounce sheets around. We figures we’ve been using it to keep the camper safe for years so why not try. It worked!

  2. Kayla says:

    May I suggest for womens sanitary products buying reusable products that are washable.

  3. Kevin says:

    You say that your parents go to Mexico and you get your meds from there. Could you explain a bit more on how this is done? Plus do you go there because its close to them or have you ever thought about Canada? I am exploring the idea of stocking up for bad times for my daughter that has many different medical problems and must take her meds. If she does not she would be in a world of hurt and maybe even die. Any information or ideas you can throw my way would be appreciated!

  4. Woody Chain says:

    The Survival Summary

    Some folks out there are very concerned about the way things are headed for the world and this country. They believe in being prepared and have gone to great extremes to get ready. Few folks will share their knowledge though, as they are very greedy about it. I believe being prepared is Biblical and I live a very self-sufficient lifestyle. We can be happy with very little and have built our little homestead in the mountains with sustainability in mind, now having lived off grid for over ten years. Coming from Detroit that was a major change for my family and I, and we learned to make many changes in how we did things. We don’t see ourselves a “Preppers”, but rather Mountainmen and women. We love this place called Montana and it’s ruggedness. For us it’s more about a simple lifestyle as far away from Detroit as I could get. We have shared our lifestyle with other folks and many have come to us to learn how we did it. I believe the more folks that are self-sufficient the stronger our nation is. I personally walk out Psalm 91 and I dwell in Secrete Place of the Most High God and I abide in His Shadow, that provides a different dimension and there is no room for fear there. Many “Preppers” operate in fear, which is why I don’t walk that path. I do share this belief in an abundant life in Christ. Those that walk in an Abundance tend to be generous with their time and experiences. So I share those who share that type of life style.

    Folks that give of themselves…..These folks do that, and have invested a lot of time and money in educating you on how to be prepared and self sufficient. They purchased an ESSE Ironheart from me a few years ago and I have watched them continue to invest their time and energy in helping others, so I commend them for that. Unlike other sites that do this for the money, these folks are probably not even breaking even. They have a lot of good information for those who are interested in how to prepare for a disaster. Those folks are interested in wood cookstoves and that is what we do here, so they are welcome here amongst us Mountain Folk. I am happy to introduce you to them. They are great folks.

  5. Woody Chain says:

    Greetings again. I just wanted to let you know again we have our new cookstove site up with lots of info and a forum. Wanted to know if you wanted to help promote it. We have lots of info your reader would find helpful. I have also had your site and Blog on our site now for several years.
    Would like to hear back from you. Give me a call when you get a chance. 800 968 8604. How is your Ironheart holding up?

  6. GeekNomad says:

    > Tactical Response – Beginner/Intermediate
    > TODO: planning on taking some courses. I have watched 5 DVDs on the subject.

    Question: what were the DVDs?

    • gigaJack says:

      Here are a few vids:

      AR-15 CQC, Close Quarters Combat Tactical Shooting from 2 to 100 Yards
      Close Range Gunfighting
      Combat Focus Shooting and Home Defense Tips
      Concealed Carry – Techniques & Secrets of the Pros
      Thunder Ranch
      Extreme Accuracy – Tactical Sniper Shooting Techniques for Law Enforcement
      Tactical Response
      Handgun Basics for Self Defense & Target Shooting
      High Risk Entry
      Jim Clark Combat Shotgun – Shooting Tips and Techniques
      Mastering the AR-15
      Move, Shoot, Live
      Night Master – Low Light Shooting & Flashlight Techniques with Bill Wilson & Ken Hackathorn
      Personal Firearm Defense – Combat Focus Shooting and Home Defense Tips
      Shoot to Live – Gunfight Survival with Massad Ayoob
      Split Second Survival – First Shot
      Tactical Readiness Shooting in Realistic Environments; Personal Firearm Defense
      The Ultimate Sniper
      WW2 German Sniper Training Videos

  7. TP Patriot says:

    I grew up in the shadow of the state capitol!

    While I enjoy your pages, I must say you defy the meaning of opsec, the cardinal golden rule numero uno in TRUE SURVIVAL.

  8. willowsprite says:

    Ok, I get having food stored in case of shortages. But why do you need all those guns? And you take them with you everywhere? Do you expect people to attack you from around every corner? And bullet-proof windows?! Seems a little paranoid to me.

    • gigaJack says:

      Not around every corner but just the one that matters. We we lived in MS I was robbed (attempted). It was in the parking lot of a Piggly Wiggle and when I pulled my gun on him he ran away. I was also carrying my my 2 month old daughter at the time.

      If someone will attack you with an infant in your hand you better believe I carry my sidearm everywhere I go.


  9. Tybaltt says:

    I see you have only purchased semiautomatic handguns. While I do own a couple (.40 sigsaur & Walther PPK 380), my k-frame 6-shot revolver S&W 38 special on single action is so accurate specifically because of its short crisp trigger pull, I much prefer it. Also I worry that semi-autos jam relatively often. So my backup is a 2″ S&W 5 shot revolver. I am considering having “trigger” jobs done on all my pistols so they perform as well as that k-frame. Heaven forbid I will ever actually have to shoot at a person but pistol bullets are notorious for missing their targets in action and one may as well fine tune their performance along with one’s own practise techniques.

  10. RAM says:

    Now, there is a complete wack job. Anybody who is that paranoid will last about ten minutes in the real thing.

    • gigaJack says:

      What did you search for to find my site? Peace loving, head in the sand, no disaster has ever been real? And yet, you found my site somehow?

      If a prepared person will last 10 minutes then by your logic an unprepared will last 5 seconds?


  11. Jacob says:

    great channel, very informative. Thanks a lot for sharing!
    I just have one comment if may. You said the maps of your region that you carry in your and your wifes bug out bags are marked with your bug out and meet up locations. When I read this, a scenario just flashed into my mind, in which you loose the maps or you loose the whole bag with the maps in it or they get stolen or whatever, in short someone else gets his or her hands on these maps for whatever reason, plus lets assume this person is hostile, which I think isn’t too far fetched considering that anyone you don’t know might become “hostile” in a way if desperate enough, he or she then does have the same information: where to find people who are probably prepared, hence have food for example. Of course this scenarion is rather unrealistic, but if this unfortunate constellation does occur you might just send unexpected and probably unwanted visitors to your folks. So maybe this is something to consider when weighing up the pros and cons of whether or not to mark the locations on the maps. You could rather make sure that everyone of your family remembers these locations… but who am I to propose something, not knowing anything about you ;-) and anyway I think you said you probably wouldn’t bug out even if something should happen, so I guess I’m kind of making a fuss about nothing right here. But I just wanted to share my thoughts with you, since you share so much for me and everyone to profit from.
    Thanks again and regards

  12. csiebert says:

    Dude!! where have you been? nothing new for like forever!! You got some of the best info around.


  13. Kelly McLear says:


    Orion Entertainment, the world’s leader in outdoor-adventure television, is currently casting for a new docu-reality television pilot that explores weapon-savvy Americans and their families. These regular and everyday citizens are armed and prepared for when the fabric of society unravels in the wake of any major cataclysmic event.

    The weapons preppers featured in the television pilot will be armed with the latest in firearms technology, ammunitions, night vision optics, vehicles and security systems. They believe their preparedness and armament is to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones for catastrophic events such as terrorist attacks, economic meltdowns, global pandemics and natural disasters.

    Potential candidates would need to be available for approximately 4 days of filming and provide camera access for a full 360-view of their defensive strategies:
    • On-camera interviews with preppers and their family and friends (when applicable). Need to hear of any past incidents and events that have shaped their mindset today. What motivates them now, and what are their biggest fears and thoughts on the future of the world?
    • An “all-access tour” of their security items – firearms, ammo, knives, night vision, etc. What do they have, and more importantly, why?
    • Access to test-firing weapons – our preppers will show our host and audiences what their firepower can do.
    • A sneak-peak into their security and safety plans and strategies. What is the plan for an economic crisis? Tornados that wiped out the states power grids? A terrorist attack on U.S. soil?
    • What is their training of real-world scenarios and situations to keep their skills up-to-date? The preppers and our host will run the drills.
    • We want to see it all, hear it all and feel it all.

    Orion Entertainment has a reputable and long standing relationship with the firearms and accessories industry as well as a proven track record in successful awareness and preparedness programming through the likes of our Don’t Be a Victim series on Spike TV. We take the need for personal protection, preparedness and awareness very seriously and our end goal is to educate the public on this vital need. Our mission is to showcase the people that are smart and are prepared. This is their insurance policy, and they’re on the right track to keeping themselves and their loved ones safe for when society unravels and for whatever the future may hold.

    This is an exciting opportunity to explore the harsh realities of society today, told through the lives of the most armed people in America.

    Together these American citizens – and their chilling motivations – establish the fundamental premise of this series: nothing matters if the society unravels and you can’t defend yourself, your family, and your survival cache.

    PLEASE NOTE: We fully understand the need for anonymity and respect that. Only first names will be used when requested (or can be changed for protection) and only general locations will/can be used – i.e. south, east coast, mid-west.

    This open casting call is for a limited time only, filming will begin very soon, so it is important to take action now. To submit yourself or someone you know for the program, please send contact information, a brief bio and a “preview” of what security items you have to or call 720-259-1547 for more information.

  14. Mario says:

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing your years of experience and knowledge. It helps others in prepping also. Thank you!

  15. Jason says:

    You rock bro, I now have guidelines to abide by.

  16. When I first looked at this list, I said to my wife, “This guy has really taken survival to a new extreme.”

    Then I reviewed the list again. It is a well-considered, comprehensive and well researched plan that should do its job of preparing and protecting his family for almost any Black Swan that might fly their way.

    Thanks for sharing this and and setting a standard. It makes us all rethink our own levels of preparedness by comparison.

  17. Wow! Just stumbled onto your website and I am loving it. I am going to put you in my blog roll if that is okay with you.

  18. Ash says:

    Hello there,

    Just wanted to say what an fantastic channel this is! Very informative and full of good idea’s
    got some ideas from here and used them. I started preparing myself although in the Netherlands where I live you don’t hear a lot about preparing or get home bags and stuff like that. So thanks for sharing these vids! I really like to watch them. I even reccomended this channel to some friends of mine.

    just a small question : What brand was your get home bag?