Kel-Tec PF-9

KelTec PF9 with Crimson Trace Lasergrip For Keltec PF9 Md: LG435

I tried the ArmaLaser Laser System on one of the pistols and it worked for a month or two. Then it would not shut off without using the master off switch. I switched to the Crimson Trace and have no problems now.

I carry 1 extra magazine in a Desantis Mag-packer front right pocket.

I had to adjust the sight to the right side but it is accurate with the iron sights now.

Surefire Z2 LED

Click here for more information about SureFire Z2 LED CombatLight Flashlight [80 Lumens / 11 Hours ] Z2L-BK

I use to use the high output light bulb but the battery lasted only 20-30 minutes and now it last 12 hours.

I updated the tail cap to be a push button where it will turn on until pressed again.

It uses the CR123 lithium batteries from SureFire. They are way cheaper than buying them from a local store.

It fits in the flashlight pocket on my 5.11 tactical pants.

Backup Battery System

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