The Survival Summary

By gigaJack

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I am currently watching Jeremiah. Of course it is not a survival manual to live by but it is mildly entertainingly. I have found that if movies and shows have a survival theme they will hold my attention even if it falls short of real life survivalism!


  • Minnesota
  • 1,800 square feet, 1/4 acre lot, suburbs


Bug Out Location

  • Parents double wide manufactured home/cabin in Wisconsin; we plan to shelter in place unless we really need to leave. They don’t have any land for gardening and the neighbors are within 50 feet.
    • We have three ways to cross into Wisconsin then there are many paths to the location.
  • TODO (later): look into $20k~ worth of land but we want to pay cash for it.

Everyday Carry

Home Security


Bug Out Bags & Get Home Bag


Energy & Heat

Other Items



Bug Out Checklist

Click here for a Microsoft Word Document template
Have to leave now

  • Shoes & Socks – put on
  • Blankets  – have girls get their blankets and hold on to them
  • Every Day Carry – put on or grab
    • Purse
    • Wallet
    • Weapons
    • Ammunition
    • Phones
    • Flashlights
    • Multi tool
    • Knife
    • Cash
    • Keys
  • Dog 1 – shake treats, put on pinch color & short leash, put in truck
  • Dog 2 – shake treats, put in kennel, put in truck
  • Cat – open can of tuna, put in kennel, put in truck
  • Frogs – bring downstairs, tape lid, put in center counsel in truck
  • Winter clothing – if needing put on
  • Bug out bags – in back closet, put in truck
  • 5 gallon water container – in back closet, put in truck
  • Sleeping bags – in back closet, put in truck
  • Totes – in back closet, put in truck
  • Arm system , lock house, everyone in truck, check for all, Dad, Mom, Child 1, Child 2, Dog 1, Dog 2, Cat & Frogs
  • Leave – leave the area, figure a safe location

We have at least 30 minutes to leave

  • Shoes & Socks – put on
  • Blankets  – have girls get their blankets and put into go bags
  • Every Day Carry – put on or grab
    • Purse
    • Wallet
    • Weapons
    • Ammunition
    • Phones
    • Flashlights
    • Multi tool
    • Knife
    • Cash
    • Keys
  • Dog 1 – shake treats, put on pinch color & short leash, put in truck
  • Dog 2 – shake treats, put in kennel, put in truck
  • Cat – open can cat food, put in kennel, put in truck
  • Frogs – bring downstairs, tape lid, grab food, put in center counsel in truck
  • Winter clothing – if needing put on
  • Bug out bags – in back closet, put in truck
  • 5 gallon water container – in back closet, put in truck
  • Sleeping bags – in back closet, put in truck
  • Totes – in back closet, put in truck
  • Truck third row seat – open garage door, take out seats, put on side of house
  • Turn trucks around, close garage door
  • Close shades, Child 2 watch out front window, Child 1 watch cameras on TV or phone
  • Dad
    • Green bag on gun safe, (vest, guns, family records, money & coins), put in truck
    • Ammo boxes, put in truck
    • Check on kids, help Mom
  • Mom
    • Clothes, 3 days for each family member, put in laundry basket, put in tote, put in truck
    • Check on kids, help Dad
  • 1 Medical supplies, put in tote, put in truck
  • 1 Cat food, 1 dog food, put in truck
  • Mountain house #10 cans, grab boxes, put in truck
  • Berkey filter, put in truck
  • 1 Sugar, put in truck
  • 1 Salt flat, put in truck
  • Powder egg, put in truck
  • Powder milk, put in truck
  • Canned cheese, put in truck
  • Canned butter, put in truck
  • 2 Walkie Talkie & charging station, put in camouflage bag
  • Camouflage bag, put in truck
  • Cast iron pot, grab medium, put in truck
  • Cat litter & pan, dump litter from pan, grab litter, put in truck
  • Coat, boots, hats, pants, gloves, put in totes, put in truck
  • 1 Battery backup & solar panel, put in truck
  • Other foods (ravioli, canned meat, fruit, snacks, breakfast cereal, Crisco), put in truck
  • LDS, beans & rice #10 cans, put in truck
  • Tools (hand tools, machete with sheath, bolt cutter, saw, tarp, shovel), put in truck
  • Seed starting pots, put in truck
  • Fertilizer, put in truck
  • Generator, put in truck
  • Jerry gas cans, put in truck
  • 1 Backup battery, put in truck
  • 1 Medical Supplies, put in tote
  • 12v lamps & bulbs, put in truck
  • Grain mill, put in truck
  • Wheat #10 cans
  • Laptop & power cord, put in truck
  • Duct tape, put in truck
  • Iron water pump, put in truck
  • Canning Supplies, put in totes, put in truck
  • Ipods & charger, put in pocket
  • Arm system , lock house, everyone in truck, check for all, Dad, Mom, Child 1, Child 2, Dog 1, Dog 2, Cat & Frogs
  • Leave – leave the area, figure a safe location


  • Making Bread – Beginner
    • Have ground our own wheat and made around 25 loaves of bread so far.
  • Gardening – Intermediate
  • Chemical Toilets – TODO: No Skills
  • Ham Radio – TODO: No Skills
  • Hand Guns – Intermediate
    • Can keep it in the kill zone.
  • Tactical Response – Beginner/Intermediate
    • TODO: planning on taking some courses. I have watched 5 DVDs on the subject.
    • I am in “Code Yellow” 95% of the time.
  • Fire Starting – Intermediate
    • I know tons of way to make fire and tried a few of them.
    • I know how to make fires for cooking, warmth and longevity.
  • Navigation – Beginner
    • I know how to use my GPS ;-).
    • I have a compass but no topographical maps. They wouldn’t help out much without the knowledge.
    • I have 2 copies of maps in our trucks. We have an extra one in case we have to leave notice of where we are.
  • Hunting
    • Rifle – Beginner
      • I can shoot but have never hunted
    • Shotgun – Beginner
      • I can shoot but have never hunted
    • Bow & Arrow – Beginner
      • I have shot before and am pretty accurate but have never hunted
    • Sling Shot – Intermediate
      • I have taken animals before
    • Pellet Gun – Intermediate
      • I have taken animals before
    • Snare Traps – Intermediate
      • I have made them before but never used them
    • Dead Falls – Beginner
      • Read about them and watched them be made on the TV. I think I could set them up if I had my books with me.
  • Hand to Hand Fighting – Intermediate
    • Karate 2 years
    • Boxing 6 moths
    • Mixed Martial Arts 6 months
    • In high school I could wrestle some of the heavy weights and hold my own. I never wrestled on the team but the coach would bug me every time he saw me.
  • Knife Fighting – Beginner
    • Watched DVDs on the subject
  • Knife Sharping – Intermediate
    • I know how to sharpen everything I own. Knives, gardening tools and axes.
  • Mechanical – Intermediate
    • I have worked on my vehicles since the age of 16.
  • Carpentry – Intermediate
    • I have built sheds, playhouses and interior rooms before.
  • Plumbing – Intermediate
  • Rappelling – TODO: No Skills
  • Medical – Intermediate
    • I have some knowledge beyond basic first aid
  • Electrical – Intermediate
    • I know and understand home electrical systems, solar and batteries
  • Reloading – TODO: No Skills
  • Computers Hardware & Software – Expert
    • I have been programming computers over a decade
  • Blacksmith – Beginner
    • I understand the principals and I have read and watched about it done but have never done it.
  • Seamstress – Beginner
    • Could do it if I had to.
  • Dog Trainer – Intermediate
    • Worked for a company that raised pure bread German Shepherd’s. Trained my own as personal protection dog.
  • 4×4 Off Road Driving – Beginner
    • I have read, watched and practiced on this topic. There is more to it than one would think.
  • Lumber Jacking – Beginner
    • Done enough to fall a tree and cut up for firewood.
  • Food Preserving
    • Canning – Beginner
      • Need more practice at this. We were only able to do a few jars last fall. Overcooked them.
    • Drying – Beginner
      • Understand the principals and know how to make a solar oven/dehydrator
      • Want to start with a dehydrator
    • Salting – TODO: No Skills
    • Root Cellar – Beginner
      • We have a cold area in our basement.
  • Candle Making – Beginner
    • Seen it done on YouTube
  • Raising Animals – Beginner
    • Read tons about it. Could do chicken or rabbits if needed
  • Dentist – Beginner
    • Have a book on it
  • Water Purification – Intermediate
    • I know and used a few different methods
  1. Newsur (NEWbeginingSURvivalist) says:

    I Consider Myself Extremely Well Prepaired For Any Bugout, Bio Attack And Just About Any Other Type Of Bad Situation… But I Must Say, U Take The Cake. Im More Prepaired In The Sence Of Short Term Colamity. Your In It For The long Haul. You Opened My Eyes To A Lot Of Possabilities. I Consider Myself A Survivalist, But You Got The Urban Homestead Survival Down Pat. I Watched All Your Vids And Every1 Of Them Tought Me Somthin Or A Nother. Keep Up The Good Prep. Thank You For Your Reviews, They Are Savin Me $$$$$.

  2. Kris says:

    Great site! I am well on my way as I am living in a covert tactical lifesytle (work related). I have just started our food storage, have PM’s (I think maybe to much), and doing well on the arms and ammo dept (could always have more). One thing I gotta ask is the balistic coating you have on your windows,…where did you get it, and how much is it? Is it easy to install? I have a LONG way to go yet,..but I have a background in both urban and wilderness survival,…but buy the look of how well you have things planned out,…I would love some one on one advice and perhaps could trade you for some knowlage and skills I have picked up in my travels.

    Thanks again

  3. Morris says:

    What is your opinion about MRE heaters and which are the best ones.

    Thank you

  4. Tony says:

    I was surfing the net and came across your site.
    All I can say is thanks for your time on this.
    I live in the last frontier and your info will be of great help for those in the process of figuring it out. Being prepared to survive.
    I have friends in the lower 48 that will benefit from your post.

    Good luck.

  5. SouthTxTactical says:

    Just wanted to say this site is great and that all your hard work is very appreciated. I love the links to amazon. Great Work!

  6. Austin says:


    I am having touble with my food storage. I don’t want it to be massive like yours ( yours is awsome by the way) I have 24 bottles of water and that is it. I want to purchase some MRE’s somehow but I can never find a legitamate site. Also I want to know what to put on my shelves. I was going to have a Drinking Shelf, Food Shelf, Medical Shelf, Emergency Lighting Shelf, Communications Shelf, and on the bottome shelf I don’t know what to put. I also need help creating a B.O.B. I look foward to your feedback.


    • gigaJack says:

      We have bought MRE’s from before but we usually go to out local military surplus supply store.

      Start you storage with what you foresee will happen. Each survivalist prepares for different events. We are mostly prepared for loss of income – be it from a lost job or economy collapse. Water, food, protection, medical then comforts, communications then camp living (bug out). It is hard to help individuals with their own plans but a better place to start is by looking at others and finding out what looks good for your situation. You can view our videos at\

      Hope this helps somewhat to get you going.

  7. Brent Eamer says:

    Just stumbled across this website. I like the two part videos of your basement. Have you heard of Jack Spirko of

  8. p rich says:

    why do u disable any comments that dont “glorify” what you are saying? i am not against your cause or what you are doing. that being said there are some glaring shortcomings in your tactical approach”in my opinion only” but you will not engage any healthy discussion or consider any advice from sources that actually know what they are talking about. please respond if u have the time.

    • gigaJack says:

      I only delete comments from trolls. We are pretty set in our ways and provide information on what we do so others can take from it what you will. I do videos maybe once a month if I feel up to it. I check comments in about that same time frame. Years ago I was heavy into debate and belonged to other survival forums. I soon became burned out and now I can only post at the current rate I do. So, If you would have caught me years ago I would be open for some long drawn out conversation but comment on my YouTube videos is all I can consume now.

      Thank you for wanting to help me on my tactical shortcomings.

  9. David says:

    Thanks for all of the info and the inspiration! We just started preparing and are starting to sell off un-needed vehicles and such to start stocking up. We have a large family of 6 people and realize we need to really get a move on and at least get a years food tucked away soon. I was wondering if you have considered keeping some small livestock and gaining the skills needed to be more of husbandman as a just in case for the future. We keep rabbits for meat/fur, chickens for eggs/meat (just hatched out 8 chicks using a free rooster from craigslist and a broody hen), and ducks for eggs/higher fat meat. We are also getting bees and goats (milk/meat) this next spring. Even though we may have to ditch some of these animals in a bug-out situation, the skills we are gaining will last a life time. Just wanted to know if this is something you have considered. Maybe even for your bug out location. Have you thought about starting a garden/animals at your bug out location?


  10. Granite Prepper says:

    Have been a reader/subscriber for six months of so but have been prepping for about one year. I’ll take some pictures of our preps but we’re getting close to your food storage….probably around one to one and a half years worth. However, we’re further along the road on weapons and ammo…..25,000 rounds for numerous weapons. Best of luck in the trials that are coming.

  11. Pete says:

    Damn man, you’re what would happen to me if I had an unlimited budget and/or my wife wouldn’t think I’d gone mad. I thought I had a decent stash until I saw your Youtube video and checked out your website. You must have dropped a fortune on all these supplies. Thanks to your list I just bought a Crimson Trace for my Ruger LCP. Do you recommend a good holster for that setup?

    I went to the LDS folks as well but unlike what you did (you put the LDS food in the #10 cans) I used mylar bags and homer buckets. LDS is the way to go for bulk grains, dried fruit, legumes, etc folks. They sell at cost, or maybe even below. Be nice to them and they will not mind selling to “non-believers”. 🙂

  12. cameron says:

    i am really new at this and was wondering what authors would suggest?. also what dvds ?
    right now i am watching survivor man and stuff like that


  13. Jason says:

    I saw a video of yours regarding waterproofing your Keltec at a water park. If you have no found a good solution yet, look up Aloksak.

    Thanks for the informative site.


    • gigaJack says:

      Someone mentioned to seal it in a food sealer back and make a little slit where it could be ripped open quickly. I am going to try that to see how fast I can get the bag open. Then I will try a commercial aloksak type product. Thanks for the tip.

  14. Mike says:

    Hey there from Oregon. Very nice site, and lists/setup. It’s all about tools, man. Capability. Never know. Just ordered “One Second After” from Amazon. That’s the real deal, and we’re due according to NOAA and other authorities.

  15. Craig says:

    A fascinating read, full of detail and great ideas I have subscribed to your youTube channel

  16. Daniel says:

    You know it is a great blog, I’m sorry you got your experience.
    I’m also know that not many people want to experience the disaster/war, but have you save something for tomorrow since you back to this normal world, if we have time to prepare why not give it a try. When disaster or war coming, not too many will be survivi, but someone may get this supplies.

  17. mario says:

    You have great blog. It’s o cool that you try, test and write many different things. But with all your skills, most likely you would be lost in real surviving situation during the war.

    I’m sorry, but i have to say that. Unfortunately i had that experience and i know what i’m talking about.

    Imagine having nothing, unable to get anything and try to survive.

    Title of this blog can be something like “Urban survive” or “Ideas for survival”… But real survive requires bit more.

  18. gettingready says:

    Hi, great website and video’s thanks for your hard work.

    Perhaps I missed this, but if I didn’t, have you considered storing all of your important documents/pictures or histories in one area where you can grab them as you run out the door? They can be scanned onto a disk, back up drive, or in a file that can be taken with you in an emergency. When Katrina hit many people were without proof of insurance or other important documents because they were destroyed in the hurricane.
    I recommend adding this to your “bug out” list if its not already there.

    Keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration because those of us who are watching the signs and happenings in the world know its going to get really bad pretty soon. Better to “Be Prepared” than be scared!

  19. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  20. Jerry says:

    Looking through your list I did not notice any radiation survey meters……maybe i just missed them. I beleive we will see financial followed by a nuclear calimity. Most people today have no clue of Time Distance and shielding from a nuclear war or event. With out proper shielding or knowledge of exposure to contamination they will not survive.