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ESSE Ironheart Wood Coooking Stove Installation & Fire-Up

This video show us constructing the area for our wood cooking stove, installing the stove and using the stove for the first time. It is long with video shot from each stage of installation.

Items in the video:
General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter (
Extech Mini IR Thermometer (
Solder-It Micro-Jet Torch (
Grouting Sponge (
Mortar Trowel (
Grout Float (
Flashing Cement (
Hi-Heat Silicone (
Caulk Gun (
Durock Cement Board (
Ryobi TEK4 Screwdriver (
DEWALT Drill/Driver/Hammerdrill (
DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw (
prefinished trim
Ceramic Magnet (
Hot Melt Trigger Glue Gun (
Stanley 20-600 Clamping Mitre Box with Saw (
Stanley Small Level (
Empire Large Level (
Skil Belt Sander (
Johnson Level & Tool Steel Rafter Square (
Retractable Carpet Knife (
Auto-Loading Utility Knife (
8-Ounce Brass Plumb Bob (
DAP Drydex Dry Time Indicator Spackling (
Clamp (
3/16 inch Regular Tile Spacers (
Custom PMG380QT 1-Quart Simple Premium Grout, Haystack (
Handy Trends Sliding Robots Furniture Movers (
Tarp (
Piano Dolly (

Emergency Power – Honda EU2000i Generator

* Honda EU2000iA generator
* Extended Fuel System 6 gallon
* DC Charging Cord
* Storage Cover
* Parallel Cable — In case I get another generator.
* With our 2 trucks 44 gallon and gas cans on hand we have 125 gallons of gas
* The generator can run for 20 days on full output (1 gallon = 4 hours of 1,300 watt- 1,850 watt output). This is needed for the 1,500 watt heater in the winter.
* If the output is 400 watts or less the generator will run 26 hours on 1 gallon
* Blitz 11010 5 Gallon Steel Gas Can
* Reliance Controls THP103 AmWatt Generator Appliance Wattage/Amps Load Tester
* OnGuard 5018HD Beast Chain Bicycle Lock (160cm x 11mm) to lock up the generator when used outside.
* Wireless motion sensor and audio mic and speaker next to the generator outside.
* If we still have gas but no power I have rigged an inline plug that I can hook up to the generator to have the blower motor still engage.

Get Home Bag

A new video of my get home bag

Diamond Strike Anywhere Matches

These matches are no longer allowed to be sold here in Minnesota. We bought over 11k of them from Gander Mountain that was going out of

business. Of course we got funny looks when brought 45 boxes up to the register.

With these strike anywhere matches you can dip them in wax to waterproof them.

Coleman Rugged Battery Powered Lantern (Family Size)

Product Features:
* Rugged family size battery-powered lantern for outdoor use
* 13-watt fluorescent twin U-tube bulb delivers bright white light
* Heavy-duty thermoplastic and rubber housing is weather-resistant
* Runs for 28 hours (low) or 18 hours (high) on 8 D batteries (not included)
* Cool touch bulb design; measures 9 inches in diameter and 15.25 inches tall

We will use this battery-powered lantern if there is short-term power outage for our primary lighting.

If there is a long-term power outage we will haul out our battery backup and generator to light our main living area. If a family member needs to visit the restroom or another dark area of the house they will grab one of the battery-powered lanterns.