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Welcome to The Survival Summary website.

I always feel that I need to read hundreds of pages in books and pages on pages of forums to get to the “meat and potatoes” of ideas and concepts. I work better from lists with small descriptions next to them.

This site contains all the items we have for when times get tough.You can visit our YouTube channel and subscribe clicking the subscribe button. You can subscribe to the feed (blog posts) by clicking on the orange icon above. You can follow me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook with the icons also.



What are we preparing for?

The main thing we prepare for is me losing my job – my family’s only source of income whether that comes from corporate downsizing, the economy crashing, evading armies, nuclear event or solar storm.

Our philosophy is to gather items now we would need or miss if we didn’t have the money or the availability of the items later. Instead of a savings account we have an items account. We live our lives every day with no regret. An example of how we apply this is if some event happens and we need to wipe our butt’s will we regret not having toilet paper. Of course we would – so that is why we have two years of it.

We believe that the likelihood a Mad Max type of world will exists is so small that we don’t specifically prepare for it. That if it ever did occur the odds that we would live through the initial event is even smaller.

We look at events that have happened throughout history in different parts of the world. America has gone through a depression before. Argentina has had a social and economic collapse. Just ask FerFal and watch all his videos. The Russian union has collapsed and it didn’t turn into a dystopian type of world. Countries around the globe today are degrading due to the situation we are in and it hasn’t turned into flocks of people fleeing a city and wiping out the suburbs.

We are not saying we think it couldn’t ever happen we just use risk analyses that just says the likelihood is low.

By us preparing for no income we will have most future events covered.


A summary of the videos you will find on this website

We don’t get into politics, religion or preach about the right way to prepare for tough times. I don’t tell you what you should do it I only tell you how we do it. I tell you what has worked and hasn’t worked for us.

In the video descriptions I have links that will let you research those items to see if they will work for you. You can visit the summary to view more information and links to the items we have.



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • We have 1.5 years’ worth of “good/nutritional” storage food.
  • We also have 1 years’ worth of “junk” food or we like to call it “everyday food”.
  • We know junk food and soda can cause fatness and tooth decay.
  • We don’t have cavities or tooth decay and my wife and kids are slender and very good looking.
  • Our house is fortified.
  • We have guns.
  • We know guns are dangerous and we understand you might like guns.
  • I understand 9mm & .380 is not the most powerful cartridge but I like to have more shots.
  • My MOS in the Air Force was military police.
  • We know we cannot eat gold or silver coins but we are fully stocked on all other provisions.
  • We don’t show our faces because we don’t matter – the content matters. We were going to do a TV show where we would have shown our faces but I think we didn’t fit their survivalist look.
  • We have tons of videos displaying answers to your other questions.
  • Oh And NO, you are not invited to come to our house if the world ends.


Progression of our thinking of preparing to survive

When I first started this trip down the survivalist road around Y2K we were only able to get some food, water and a shotgun. This was even before I knew there was such a thing as survivalists. After nothing happened with Y2K we donated all the food to a local women’s shelter. We were also moving across the US from Mississippi to Minnesota and needed to lighten the load.

We didn’t think much about preparing again until 9/11. We started off by purchasing MRE’s then got a really good deal on #10 cans of Mountain House at a local camping/hunting store. This is when I started to get into surviving an apocalypse type event where we would live like Mad Max in a dystopian type of world. During this time is when I started to acquire and learn how to use primitive skills and tools to survive in the wilderness. I spent a lot of time in this phase of my prepping. Why not, it was adventurous and romantic and every movie made displayed this type of future (Mad Max, Waterworld, et cetera).

As time passed an evolution of thinking occurred. After a mad dash of procuring a good bunch of items I started to think about why I needed each item. My first item was my compass. I started to figure when I would ever use it. I could only come up with: If I was blindfolded and dropped off in some large national forest I might need a compass and a topography map. Then I asked myself what type of event would happen that I would travel so far into an unfamiliar area that I could get myself lost.

With a wife, two daughters, two dogs, two frogs, and a cat – bugging out into a wilderness area is not a great option. Now, we have my parent’s trailer in a retirement park in the semi wilderness as a bugout location. I am sure all the kids and grandkids would have the same idea and there would be 15-20 of us there. With all this new found logical thinking we decided that a shelter-in-place strategy is better suited for our family. We have fortified our home as much as possible and we plan on making our stand here. I have plans for our neighborhood with its layout on best providing a community of security with neighborhood watches posted around the entry streets.

If we ever find ourselves in the position where we have to bugout we will drive as far as we can on back roads and pulling off the road far enough into wooded areas where we cannot be seen by passersby. Having road maps of my state and the state next to us will keep us in familiar territories.

In a bugout situation the odds my family and I would survive in the wilderness are very small. If we were to build a homestead somewhere and would have time and logistics to bring/purchase everything we would need to get us up and running we could survive. Without some established place to go we could not eat berries and hunt to stay alive.

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