Mangalitsa Pigs – Part 3

Butcher time. Small-Scale Livestock Farming (http://amzn.to/1I2JtCC)

Everything tasted better than store bought but that might just be a bias due to raising our own.

Bacon – More fat then store bought. The fat turned super crispy and was great tasting. This pig was not a bacon pig though.

Pork Chops – Smaller than store bought but we butchered the pig at only 185 lbs instead of the market weight of 225ish lbs. Tasted great.

Roasts – All the roasts were cooked in a crock pot for 6-8 hours. They had great flavor and were moist and fork tender.

Sausage – Maple flavored. I would get patties next time.

Brats – Taste great. We cook and cut them up to add to other dishes.

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