The movie 20 years after was released in 2008 and is about the end of the world as we know it. Nukes, famine and plagues have killed off the human population. This movie has decent content like procuring water, guns & protection, communication, people banding together and entertainment themselves or just everyday killing time.

All survivalist type stories need to balance between telling a story and the realistic aspects of survival. Otherwise it would be a survival manual. This movie has some of the points you would see in any decent story. It’s good at giving you a sense of what life would be like after shit hits the fan. The last ¼ of the movie kind of slides off for content and entertainment value for me.

I would tag this movie with “Post-Apocalypse / Dystopian” & “Survival Skills” and give it 3 out of 5 mushroom clouds.

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Everything that could go wrong did go wrong: War, Terrorism, Natural Disasters. Evacuees were ushered from the cities to refugee camps in the surrounding counties. In-fighting, famine and disease took their toll on the survivors. Now, twenty years after the bombs fell and the plagues ran their course the few that remain live in fear and without hope. Azura Skye stars as Sarah in this Post-Apocalyptic Fairy Tale about a young woman’s journey to deliver the first child born in 15 Years. Sarah’s refusal to give up is inspired by a lone voice on her radio. Michael broadcasts dim and distant messages of hope mixed with the music he scavenges from the dead. Forced from her basement home by drought and relentlessly pursued by those who want her baby, Sarah crosses paths with Michael in a cavernous, underground refuge of disparate survivors. It is from Three Caves that Michael and Sarah will embark on a journey beyond the boundaries of the Southern Corridor and into the unknown future.

  1. HunterTX says:

    Looks good, found one called Testament ( )that looks good but could not find it for cheap 🙁 if anyone happens to find it cheaper than Amazon has it let me know 🙂