Make soda, sparkling water or carbonated beverages at home better and more cost effective then SodaStream with your own soda fountain machine.

We tried our own Fizz-Giz cap but it didn’t work out as good as the Carbonator Cap.

20 lb. Aluminum Co2 Tank ( $109.95
Co2 refill from local fire extinguisher company is $20.00
Co2 Beer Regulator w/ Gauge Guards ( $44.95
1/4-Inch x 50 Premium Polyurethane Air Hose ( $32.00
Flare Tubeing Swivel Nut 1/4″ to 5/16″ ( $1.95
Disconnect, IN Ball Lock, 1/4″ ( $5.19
Bag in a Box Syrup ( $33.99
Snow Cone Bottles ( $12.95
Snow Cone Syrup Pumps ( $35.99
Carbonator Cap ( $19.95
1/2 Gallon Canning Jars ( $19.99 x2 *optional

Estimated cost to get up and running: $316.92
The return on investment is quicker then the SodaStream system.

  1. nicole sauvageau says:

    I just watched your Youtube video…truly fascinating!!! I found your video when I was reviewing different methods of making club soda. I was wondering if you knew of a way to make it in glass jars. If you got the CO2 from a beer supply company, there must be a way in order to put it in beer bottles. The glass bottle soda stream costs $200 to get set up and then you have to replace the puny little tanks at $30 a pop! The siphon method seems to use cartridges quickly… I am trying to avoid plastic because of the environment and as a result of BPA and other chemicals. BPA disrupts the endocrine system and I am having issues with my thyroid. Trying to make lifestyle changes so that I don’t need to go on meds for it. Thank you for your time and ingenuity.

  2. Jose says:

    I enjoy your ideas. Where does the flare tubeing swivel nut fit into the carbonator. I am going to model mine afters yours but didnt kno where it fit in. thanks for the videos.