How To Make Your Own Soda Pop Soft Drinks At Home

Make soda, sparkling water or carbonated beverages at home better and more cost effective then SodaStream with your own soda fountain machine.

We tried our own Fizz-Giz cap but it didn’t work out as good as the Carbonator Cap.

20 lb. Aluminum Co2 Tank ( $109.95
Co2 refill from local fire extinguisher company is $20.00
Co2 Beer Regulator w/ Gauge Guards ( $44.95
1/4-Inch x 50 Premium Polyurethane Air Hose ( $32.00
Flare Tubeing Swivel Nut 1/4″ to 5/16″ ( $1.95
Disconnect, IN Ball Lock, 1/4″ ( $5.19
Bag in a Box Syrup ( $33.99
Snow Cone Bottles ( $12.95
Snow Cone Syrup Pumps ( $35.99
Carbonator Cap ( $19.95
1/2 Gallon Canning Jars ( $19.99 x2 *optional

Estimated cost to get up and running: $316.92
The return on investment is quicker then the SodaStream system.

7 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Soda Pop Soft Drinks At Home”

  1. Thank you 4-this… I am going to do this. That said i have absolutely no mechanical knowledge so I have a few questions.

    1) 5 lb CO2 Tank New Aluminum Cylinder CGA 320 Valve…

    2) Carbonator Cap…

    3) Dual Gauge Co2…

    4) Ball Lock Gas Disconnect, 1/4″ Flared…

    5) Flare Tubing (FFLto Barb) Swivel Nut 1/4″ to 5/16″…

    5) Now here is where I’m looking for a shorter hose (perhaps 25 ft)…are the following hoses interchangeable? The idea of polyurethane brings to mind a concern…

    A) BOSTITCH PRO-1450 ProzHoze 1/4-Inch x 50 Premium Polyurethane Air Hose …

    B) Air Line Jumper 5′ w/screw clamps…

    Any direction and advice offered is appreciated…thanks much!!!

    1. Oops… forgot to ask the question. LOL Pondering if the listed components on the previous post can be substituted for the parts you mentioned above. I ask not knowing what these parts are and how the intersect with each other so there may be a small difference that may make a huge difference in the long run.

      1. Did you ever get a reply to your question? It would be cool for some people to be able to order this stuff online if they would work.

  2. I just bought a carbonator at an auction and wounder if you could help me hook it up? I also need a co2 tank. ANY thoughts?
    Thanks Denny

  3. I just watched your Youtube video…truly fascinating!!! I found your video when I was reviewing different methods of making club soda. I was wondering if you knew of a way to make it in glass jars. If you got the CO2 from a beer supply company, there must be a way in order to put it in beer bottles. The glass bottle soda stream costs $200 to get set up and then you have to replace the puny little tanks at $30 a pop! The siphon method seems to use cartridges quickly… I am trying to avoid plastic because of the environment and as a result of BPA and other chemicals. BPA disrupts the endocrine system and I am having issues with my thyroid. Trying to make lifestyle changes so that I don’t need to go on meds for it. Thank you for your time and ingenuity.

  4. I enjoy your ideas. Where does the flare tubeing swivel nut fit into the carbonator. I am going to model mine afters yours but didnt kno where it fit in. thanks for the videos.

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