A Survivalist Garden For When SHTF – 2011

Posted: 4th July 2011 by gigaJack in Food & Water

A video showing our garden for the 2011 year. Even though it is a pretty large sized garden there is no way this would feed even one of us if bad time hit. We would have to start to till up the entire yard to better feed our family of four. Each year we purchase enough heirloom seeds just for this scenario. We also purchase enough seeds so we can give seeds to our neighbors for a fee. We will ask them to give us some of their harvest.


  1. Shawn says:

    Very smart & overlooked in the prepping world. I don’t understand the “you’ll be a target if you have a garden” mentality. If you’re alive you are a target & not all emergencies are “The Big One”.

    Great job buddy.