This video show us constructing the area for our wood cooking stove, installing the stove and using the stove for the first time.
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It is long with video shot from each stage of installation.

Items in the video:
General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter (
Extech Mini IR Thermometer (
Solder-It Micro-Jet Torch (
Grouting Sponge (
Mortar Trowel (
Grout Float (
Flashing Cement (
Hi-Heat Silicone (
Caulk Gun (
Durock Cement Board (
Ryobi TEK4 Screwdriver (
DEWALT Drill/Driver/Hammerdrill (
DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw (
prefinished trim
Ceramic Magnet (
Hot Melt Trigger Glue Gun (
Stanley 20-600 Clamping Mitre Box with Saw (
Stanley Small Level (
Empire Large Level (
Skil Belt Sander (
Johnson Level & Tool Steel Rafter Square (
Retractable Carpet Knife (
Auto-Loading Utility Knife (
8-Ounce Brass Plumb Bob (
DAP Drydex Dry Time Indicator Spackling (
Clamp (
3/16 inch Regular Tile Spacers (
Custom PMG380QT 1-Quart Simple Premium Grout, Haystack (
Handy Trends Sliding Robots Furniture Movers (
Tarp (
Piano Dolly (

More information is available at “The Survival Summary”