Kid’s Bug Out Bag

Posted: 16th June 2010 by gigaJack in Other Items

Here is a video on our kid’s bug out bags.

  1. Ada says:


    I just came across your video on your kid’s BOB bag which I think is a great idea. Being prepared is everything. Certain points leapt out at me, especially since your planning has been done so well:

    1. It might be useful to break up that 20$ note into smaller denominations and have some coin money as well. This will also protect against crime/accidental losses. I would also distribute the money across several places in the rucksack.

    2. This point also applies to your fire-making implements. It might be sensible to pack each of these in it’s own plastic bag and distribute these too.

    3. It makes sense to have something to secure the little flashlight incase it slips out of the hand and falls in the dark. A strong piece of twine, superglued, log enough to wrap around the wrist or hang around the neck.

    4. The amount of stuff in the first aid kit (especially for a child) seems like a bit much to me. I dount if the children know how to self-medicate themselves – which they shouldn’t be doing in any case.

    5. Individually portioned snacks which deliver slow-release energy such as nuts and dried fruits might be a better idea. Find it difficult to imagine girls making little controlled fires in a state of shock and confusion such as in an emergency evacuation. Breath mints and perfume/cologne (for a pick me up) are also great for girl BOBs.

    Enjoyed watching your video. Thanks for posting. Stay safe.

    Regards from Cologne,