Emergency Vehicle Bag

Our emergency vehicle bag / bug out bag (BOB) (http://bit.ly/fhPdkk).

Small toolkit
o KR Tools 10046 45-Piece Stubby Tool Set in Hard Case (http://amzn.to/dTWapi)
o Irwin 76SG Vise Grip 3 Piece 6-Inch Long Nose, 7-Inch and 10-Inch Straight Jaw Soft Grip Plier Set (http://amzn.to/gB8WHI)
o Performance Tool W30703 3 Piece Cushion Grip Adjustable Wrench Set (http://amzn.to/ftH2hL)
o KR Tools 95039 Pro Series Counter Display Stubby Hammer (http://amzn.to/h08kak)
1 Kodak Plus Digital One-Time-Use Camera for accidents or other incidents (http://amzn.to/eZfZdZ)
1 Gorilla Automotive TG1 Pencil Style Tire Pressure Gauge (http://amzn.to/gcn1We)
4 Coghlan’s Lightsticks (http://amzn.to/hAL0l4)
1 Pennzoil Large Tire Fix-A-Flat (http://amzn.to/fBbcKb)
1 Hopkins FloTool 10801 Shaker Siphon with 6′ Anti-Static Tubing (http://amzn.to/i8Qr8O)
1 Slime Smart Spair 15-Minute Emergency Tire Repair Kit (http://amzn.to/epqDkI)
4 Orion Safety Prod. 3153-08 Safety PlasTcap Flare (http://amzn.to/dVrlaT)
1 Smith and Wesson Luxeon Rebel 5 Watt Tactical Flashlight back of truck (http://amzn.to/ejgrPL)
1 SureFire G2 Nitrolon Tactical Incandescent Flashlight — Black glove compartment (http://amzn.to/ey2rOQ)
1 Hopkins Subzero 80052 52 Ice Scapper (http://amzn.to/iax1JW)
3 TravelJohn Solid Waste Collection Kit (http://amzn.to/g5InY5)
1 Kidde 466310 Automotive Pindicator Fire Extinguisher (http://amzn.to/gZfZHp)
1 Dry Top 410129 10-by-12-Foot Full Finish Size Tarp, 5-Millimeter, 2.9-Ounce, Green Camouflage (http://amzn.to/hPLams)
1 Blitz 11010 5 Gallon Steel Gas Can (http://amzn.to/eGOIFR)
o Flo n’ go Hand Pump/Siphon, Model# 06466 — This pump sucks (bad) (http://amzn.to/gtieJr)
o Blitz 81101 Enviro-Flo Accessory Card — Spout, ID Tag and Flex Tube (http://amzn.to/fSJRaV)
1 Explorer Pro Comp 330000 3″″X30′ Towstrap-30,000 (http://amzn.to/fmUoxk) — This towstrap is a snatch strap. Snatch straps are better for tugging a vehicle out.
1 Master Lock 1415DAT Stainless Steel Pivot Lock Hitch Pin (http://amzn.to/fdkqDy)
2 Rand McNally Easy to Read! Minnesota State Map (http://amzn.to/gm6cBo) — we have an extra one in case we have to leave notice of where we are.
1 Coleman Cable 08445 12-Foot Booster Cables, No-Tangle Yellow, 8-Gauge (http://amzn.to/h0KNea)
4 Grip 4 Piece 1-Inch x 15-Foot Ratchet Tie Down Set (http://amzn.to/h3GrKY)
1 Curt Manufacturing D-534 2 In Drop Loaded Ball Mount W/ 2 In Ball (http://amzn.to/fY3b6b)

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