Precious Metals Coins (Gold, Silver, Junk Silver, Nickel & Copper)

(http://bit.ly/fBRthP) Our inventory of precious metals includes the following gold, silver, junk silver, nickel & copper:

* 19 x 1 OZ American Silver Eagles (http://amzn.to/11Pq4Su)
* 9 x 1/10 OZ American Gold Eagles
* 4 x 5 OZ Silver Bars (http://amzn.to/18iF2n2)
* 200 x 1932-1964 Washington Quarters
* 1 x 1946-1964 Roosevelt Dimes
* 20 x 1948-1963 Franklin Half Dollars
* 9,360 1946-2009 Nickels

Why nickels? http://bit.ly/19eDtHn

We keep some of them in our BOB (bug out bags) and get home bags to barter with if for some reason We are out and about when SHTF.

I wish I lived in the around the 1964-65 so I could do then what I am doing now with nickels.

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