Precious Metals Coins For (Gold, Silver, Junk Silver, Nickel & Copper)

Our inventory of precious metals includes the following gold, silver, junk silver, nickel & copper:

* 19 x 1 OZ American Silver Eagles
* 9 x 1/10 OZ American Gold Eagles
* 4 x 5 OZ Silver Bars
* 200 x 1932-1964 Washington Quarters
* 1 x 1946-1964 Roosevelt Dimes
* 20 x 1948-1963 Franklin Half Dollars
* 9,360 1946-2009 Nickels (Why nickels?

We keep some of them in our BOB (bug out bags) and get home bags to barter with if for some reason We are out and about when SHTF.

I wish I lived in the around the 1964-65 so I could do then what I am doing now with nickels.

One thought on “Precious Metals Coins For (Gold, Silver, Junk Silver, Nickel & Copper)”

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering where you got your nickels from. Can you just walk into your bank or credit union and tell them you want to withdraw $500 in nickels? Or did you have to go around to different places?
    Thanks for the site and videos.

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