Product Features:
* Rugged family size battery-powered lantern for outdoor use
* 13-watt fluorescent twin U-tube bulb delivers bright white light
* Heavy-duty thermoplastic and rubber housing is weather-resistant
* Runs for 28 hours (low) or 18 hours (high) on 8 D batteries (not included)
* Cool touch bulb design; measures 9 inches in diameter and 15.25 inches tall

We will use this battery-powered lantern if there is short-term power outage for our primary lighting.

If there is a long-term power outage we will haul out our battery backup and generator to light our main living area. If a family member needs to visit the restroom or another dark area of the house they will grab one of the battery-powered lanterns.

  1. Jeff74137 says:

    Just a quick tip: Make up or buy a good set of alligator clips and you can run the Coleman Battery Powered lantern off a 12V,8Ah sealed lead acid battery. Sporting goods stores sell them for deer feeders and they’re rechargable. They also make small solar panels to recharge those batteries and they should be in the same area as the batteries.
    Recently, my family and I have been experimenting with these batteries. WalMart sells a portable fan called the O2 Cool (here in Oklahoma it gets HOT so we use it for camping) it’s around $12-$13. We cut the wall wart off and attached spade lugs to the leads and we can run this fan off of the 12V,8Ah battery. much cheaper than buying 8 D cells every outing.
    Anyway, thanks for your channel. Lots of good ideas so keep them coming. Jeff