Visonic Powermax Security System Kit

Posted: 16th April 2010 by gigaJack in Security

A new video of Visonic Powermax Security System Kit

You will be able to install this systems yourself. It is screwed into the power outlet so it cannot be accidentally knocked out. It has a backup battery on the left panel. The key fob has a four function buttons (away, disarm, home & status). You can setup the alarm system to disable the motion sensors in the home mode and it gives you other options for door delay on entry or exit.

The alarm system has a woman’s voice to speak the status of the system (arming away disarmed, back door open, front door closed, etc.) You can use the keypad to enter you security code. Or use your key fobs if they are paired to you alarm system.

Every alarm sensor is wireless (glass break, door & window contacts & motion sensors). They use the CR123 lithium batteries and have an excellent shelf life of 10+ years. The sensors have not needed the batteries replaced after 2+ years. The last systems also used the CR123 batteries and they didn’t need changed after 10+ years.

Every door & window has sensors. We have the 85 lbs. pet immune motion sensor. Glass break sensors on each level of the house.

  1. Kevin says:

    I wanted to thank you for your website and YouTube videos on prepping. I’m just starting out and really appreciate your realistic, no-nonsense approach and advice. I have a quick question for you about your Visonic home security system… I’ve been looking to install a security system in my home and I wanted to know, if you had it to do over again, would you choose the same brand? Or is there another you’d go with? I had ADT in my previous home and I’d never pay those outrageous monitoring fees again!
    Thanks again. Great job all around with the information you put out!

    • gigaJack says:

      I would still go with the same wireless system. The thing we liked is being able to hook it up to a phone line and it will call us when it triggers and not paying for a service.

  2. TheMirage says:

    I can’t comment on the youtube video for somereason. Oh well, my question is do you have this notify you or someone when it goes off?