Springfield Armory XD(m) 9mm 3.8

Posted: 16th April 2010 by gigaJack in Every Day Carry, Security

This is my main every day carry (EDC) guns. I also carry the Keltec LCP as a backup. I use the small grip back strap and I am able to get a great grip on the gun. I can shoot the XD(m) better that I could shoot my old Glock 23c. I don’t think the XDm 3.8 makes a huge difference in the ability to carry concealed as the barrel is the only thing that is smaller.
I had to cut the factory holster paddle a little bit. It was jabbing me in the hip while sitting.

I had to replace the factory magazine belt holster with a Fobus magazine paddle holster because I take the holster on and off during the day.

The 5.11 covert casual shirts I wear would also hide the barrel of the larger xdm. I draw the xmd by grasping the bottom of the shirt and pulling back it breaks the snaps loose.

The Springfield Armory XD(m) 9mm 3.8 has been a great carry concealed weapon (CCW) for me.


  1. ready.set.live. says:

    Being a man after your own heart, I want to get a lot of the things that you showcase here and on your youtube channel. But, I’m a poor college student and don’t have a lot of spending money. What career field are you in that gives you such financial freedom? (I’m not looking for specific companies or anything, neither of us want to get you canned at work)

  2. jiggskc says:

    Great Blog/Video, i thought that you were to the point and brought out some very interesting points. I plan on getting mine sometime this year. I was worried about the size of the 3.8″, but now that i’ve seen your video, i don’t have any of the same concerns i did prior. thanks.