Fobus Paddle Magazine Pouch

Posted: 16th April 2010 by gigaJack in Every Day Carry, Protection

Fobus Paddle Magazine Pouch Holster for the Springfield XDM 9mm fits nice and tight on my side. The original magazine pouch holster canted the magazines outward and printed through my shirts more than my handgun did.

I needed a paddle magazine holster because I take it on and off throughout the day. It is super easy to put on. I insert it in the front then slide to to my weak arm side. The rubber will stick on your shirt and move it out of place.

I keep the magazines holster a bit further back so when I have my shirt on I can access my phone and I don’t have to expose the magazines.

The Fobus Paddle Magazine Pouch works for both the Springfield XD(m) 9mm and 40 caliber double stack magazines.

  1. MJ says:

    It’s a cool product and good video, I just can’t ever see myself in a situation that would require me to carry 57 rounds of handgun rounds concealed! 🙂