5.11 Covert Casual Shirt

5.11 Covert Casual Shirt (http://amzn.to/1dgOw3Y)

Now that I have switched from pocket carry to belt carry I needed a change in my wardrobe to accommodate the extra printing. I haven’t tried any of the other concealed carry shirt options but my first try has worked great. I bought many in most of their colors. (Black, Desert Sand, Slate Blue, Sage, Dark Straw). My wife says red doesn’t look good on my so I skipped the Brick color.

They have two break away snaps that look like buttons that lets you sweep it to the side to draw your handgun.

It also has Velcro on the side that I use to open carry while driving.

Hidden map/document pockets can be used to stow my gun while in the restroom.

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