Medeco Double Cylinder High Security Locks

Medeco Double Cylinder Medeco ( High Security Patriot Maxum Deadbolt and handles
Window security film (

They use to claim that these locks cannot be bumped or picked but hackers have been able to do it recently.

You get a custom key that only one locksmith can make. The blank keys are only given to certified locksmiths.

If your average burglar sees the lock they might think of going to a neighbors house instead of messing with your home.

Extended the door hinges screws into the 2×6’s for extra strength.

We have smash proof film on the window next to the door so someone cannot bust the glass and let themselves in.

The striker plates have been updated with long screws and extra length to distribute the force of a kick.

It has the removable key and place it away from the windows.

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