Food Storage Inventory Software System

Using the Inventory Droid software on my Droid phone to keep track of our food storage.

This software package costs $4.99.

I modified the software a bit through the settings feature. I am only tracking Quantity, UPC codes, Reorder Quantity, Calories Per Serving, Servings Per Container & Ounces.

When you scan a barcode it will search the internet for the information on the scanned product. It will give you options whether it has been scanned before. The previous scanned option allow you to increase or decrease the quantity. This option gives you a quick way to keep up on inventory levels.

It allows you to set categories for each product.

The new Reorder field I setup allow me to export the data to excel and filter the products that we are short of and take the print out to the store.

The calories per serving and servings per container lets me export to excel and calculate how many calories we have on hand. This allows us to know how long our storage food will last us.

It took us 4 days (8-12 hours) to scan our 2 years worth of survival storage food into the system.

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