Basement Storage Food – New Layout

Updated 2015 Version (https://youtu.be/Ir3_xJD5CW8)

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Yes, We have 1 year’s worth of “good/nutritional” storage food.
Yes, We also have 1 year’s worth of “junk/everyday” food.
Yes, Our house is fortified.
Yes, We have guns.
Yes, Anyone will have lead poisoning if they show up at our house.
Yes, We have tons of videos displaying answers to your other questions.

Other answers can be found on our blog http://survivalsummary.wordpress.com

Add 4 18″ x 48″ shelving units. This will allow us to add 1 more years worth of survival storage food and store what you eat foods.

We have:
4 x 55 gallon water tanks
Berkey water filter (http://amzn.to/1cGyWvQ)
RV potable water drinkable safe water hose
Water siphon
In the back of the shelves we have our long term storage food (mountain house #10 cans)
Bags of flour
Bags of sugar

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